Burgundy Thoughts and a Drop of Rain.



     Hey Guys! How are ya’ll doing? Happy new week! I can’t wait for the weekend though. I’ve been feeling

under the weather and school hasn’t been soft on me. Thank you for the turn up on the Liebster post! Some of you were even asking were you’d vote. LOL.  Nah! It’s not that kind of award. But I really appreciate it. It shows that you guys are always ready to support your boy any day, any time. Gracias.
     Musicwise, am I the only one that has got Nick Jonas’ and Jon Bellion’s albums on repeat?  I can’t even pick a favourite track from those two.



     Today’s editorial is going to be a little different from my usual because I actually stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m not usually a formal type of guy. I decided to try it and I actually liked it. Five stars for stepping out of my comfort zone.
     Today’s look circulates around the spring formal look. There are several places or events one could dress formal to. It could be to a wedding, seminar, project defence, even work. There are some guides to follow to help you nail the formal look.
      Know the right kind of shirt to wear. This may sound clichรฉ but some people actually think wearing a T-Shirt with a suit jacket counts as formal. Sorry, but no, it doesn’t. A button down shirt is perfect for the formal look. You could select based on the tie and suit jacket you want to wear. And you could choose to wear a pattern shirt. If you want to wear a pattern shirt, be careful when selecting because the pattern on your suit and tie are also important in this choice to prevent pattern clash.


     Know the right kind of suit to wear. For a day time event, try to avoid the tuxedo. A tuxedo is usually best for night time events such as dinners, charity balls and the likes. For day time events a suit jacket or blazer would do just fine. You could choose to experiment with colours but it’s safer to settle on the neutral colours (black, grey, brown, tan, navy). Also, the sleeves of the suit jacket shouldn’t cover the part of the cuffs of the shirt touching the wrist.


     Also, you could choose to layer like I did with the sweater. When you want to layer, just go with plain components rather than things with several colour so you won’t end up looking jumbled up. And ditch sweaters with imprints or words knitted on them.


     Wear the right accessories. A tie is an important component in the formal look. When selecting a tie, consider everything you’re wearing; the suit, the shirt. You could decide to play it safe by wearing a plain tie with matching colours of your suit and you could also choose to go the pattern route like I did. I chose the tie based on the colour of the sweater. Same as the pocket square. You could choose to play with patterns when it comes to pocket square. In fact,  it gives you an extra point on the fashion leader board. A quick tip when selecting ties and pocket squares; they shouldn’t be the same patterns. Mix the patterns of the two. One of them could be plain like I did with the pocket square.


      Wear the right type of shoes. For a formal look, wear lace up shoes, dressy loafers or patent leather shoes like I did. Pair the shoes with the right colours of socks. You could could choose the colour of the socks based on the colour of the suit or the tie or you could just wear black dress socks. Ditch the sneakers. Those are for formal casual looks. You don’t want to be the odd one out, do you?


     I hope this post has been super helpful. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section and any other thing you think I left out.


     Thank you for reading this long post. I appreciate it. Have a nice day and a nice week.
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     These awesome pictures were taken by the awesome Deji Black (@DejiBlvck on instagram)
And I’m walking out of this post like…



41 thoughts on “Burgundy Thoughts and a Drop of Rain.

  1. Awesomeness!

    Firstly, music-wise, I’m really loving Mike Posner’s album “At night, alone”. I feel it’s just so authentic and honest.

    Secondly, love everything about this post. The way your tie, glasses and sweater match โค The location โค The walking out pose โค Did I mention the tie?



    • Mike posner! I’ve heard just one track off that album and it’s fire. Would definitely download it tonight. Thank you so much for the Love. I really appreciate it. LOL, you mentioned the tie.


  2. You look so different, you clean up really well.
    Love the layreed look , you slayed it. The tie and sweater major yass. Would try and recreate this look when I’m done with exams
    Good luck in school dear


  3. This prolly won’t go now, because the internet doesn’t like me
    But heehh, I can cross my fingers
    This is so cool, i wish I saw the full tie tho๐Ÿ˜
    They all blend so well,
    You Rock C
    Walking out to show u off


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