I always had a problem which was having a congested wardrobe filled with things I don’t even wear. Even when packing for school, I used to just pack almost everything into my travelling bags thinking I’d wear most if not all of the clothing pieces in them. That’s one of the biggest lies I always told myself. Eventually I got tired and tried to find a solution to this which led to a lot of research on capsule wardrobes which have helped me. I have decided to share with you my tips on building your capsule wardrobe but first, What is a CAPSULE WARDROBE? It is a wardrobe containing some essential clothing items which hardly go out of style and can be augumented with seasonal pieces. It could also mean a wardrobe containing clothing pieces that you’d mix and match to wear over a period of time.


Putting personal style aside, fashion is based in practicality i.e it is based on how many times you change your outfit in a day, your kind of job, Dress code of wherever you spend your weekdays, where you go to blow off steam, etc. To build your wardrobe, you have to consider these factor and also work with clothing pieces that can be worn multiple times to these places in different ways. Invest in pieces that have multiple functionality.


For guys, we build our style around basics. For example; a guy could wear a basic T-shirt and layer with different “non-basic” pieces. The buttoms could also be a “non-basic” piece. Starting with basics will give a clearer picture of what you actually want to have in your wardrobe. Same applies to ladies. Start with the most basic pieces you own and work around them.


Don’t rush! Transitioning takes time so does selecting essentials. After you think you’re done, take a look, go over the pieces you’ve selected. There will definitely be at least two pieces you won’t need but you’d find it hard to let go of. Letting go is hard. It may not be done that day but make sure you get rid of it.


Jusy like fitness coaches would say, getting rid of what you have but don’t need (in this case, don’t wear) is “de rigueur” a.k.a a necessary evil. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in months. Create space for the new and essential things coming in. Let your wardrobe breathe.

Do you have a capsule? What did you consider when building yours and what is/was most challenging in the process. Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

Photograph by Tomiwa (@blackboytom)


SHIRT – Pringle (Thrift)

Sweatpants – Fila (Thrift)

Shoes – Tommy Takkies

Clear glasses – Cartier

Other Accessories – Ali Express



  1. the first lines of this post describes me whenever I’m travelling. awesome post. photopgraher Litty and I’m coming for your pants, and your rings and your glasses and those Tommy takkies. fair warning.
    p. S your hair looks better like this just saying


  2. Hey! This is so helpful! I’ve never heard of a capsule wardrobe prior to this post but it sounds easier said than done. How do I de-clutter, I find it hard letting go of clothing pieces because I believe I’ll one day need it…..and I’ve needed many old pieces times without number….so help?!


    • I try to wear all things In my wardrobe but there are some pieces I get tired of. I had a mindset that they might be useful later on but not anymore. Thank you for the comment!


  3. I can’t say I have a capsule wardrobe but there are definitely items I am drawn too. However, my closet is still quite organized though I am planning to de-clutter soon. I’m hoping to rebuild my wardrobe as I’m getting tired of some of my pieces. Great tips especially the part on functionality, its important to also dress according to your daily life. Love the photo quality and of course the attention to detail as already mentioned. And I have to agree with Desmond, I prefer this hair cut on you.
    Princess Audu


  4. Let me boast small because I don’t have the congested wardrobe problem. These tips are super practical though especially the decluttering aspect. It’s okay to let some items go and perhaps build someone else’s wardrobe.

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  5. me that is now a word class hoarder nko 😦 every time I have to pack (even for an overnight stay) I always start and end with an anxiety and asking God why. LooL

    Great tips still…xxxx


  6. I’m kind of over-organized. I tell people, I don’t hoard things, I’m even kind of waiting for them to not be needed, so I can throw it away. My mom would even be shouting that I’m throwing stuff I don’t have. I feel the less, the more organized so I keep what I really love or what I need.
    I like the hair too. That last photo though

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