Exams are finally over. I’m back home to good food, access to TV and of course good food (yes, I love food). I really missed blogging. Not blogging for over a month felt like I was taking a break from a crucial part of my life ( Taking breaks are necessary when needed though). Feels good to be back to an environment where you feel welcome.

During the course of my ‘blogging break’ it occurred to me that I hardly ever dress sporty seeing as I admire people who do. I decided to give it another try but this time, I personalized it. Owing it to the definition, Sporty means Casual, comfortable and having the appearance of a sportswear, I decided to go with something very comfortable, a pair of Ash Sweatpants also called Joggers or Jogger pants

I worked my entire outfit around the sweatpants since it is the subject of the ensemble. It’s usually advisable to work your outfit around a clothing piece  that way, the look would come together nicely.

For the top half, I went with this yellow T-shirt with bright red prints to add colour to the look.

Another tip to note is that it is better to let the bottom be a neutral colour (black, white, grey, tan)  so working with a range of colours won’t be difficult.

I wore a pair of burgundy skater sneakers to compliment the shirt and also the sporty theme. Looks like it did just that.

Finally, I accessorised minimally with a pair of mirror sunglasses and an anchor wrap bracelet.

How would you make a sporty ensemble? Please Let me know in the comment section.

These beautiful pictures were taken by Tomiwa (@blackboytom). You should check out his Instagram. He takes really awesome pictures.


shirt – Thrift

Sweatpants – Lonsdale (Thrift)

Shoes – Tomy Takkies

Accessories – Ali Express


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