There are days when the sun decides to have a show of strength. On days like this, I’m usually happy there are things like sunglasses. Not only do they help protect the eyes from the harmful rays, they also help elevate an outfit, fashionwise. That is why today, I am bringing you my six (6) favorite eyewear pieces that are really cool and I think people should have should have similar versions of.


One thing I love about oval sunnies is that they seem to look good on almost all facial shapes. I’ve had a huge attraction towards oval shaped sunglasses for as long as I can remember and they keep upgrading and getting better.

Another good thing about them is that all your favorite brand have them in different designs and sizes.


If you’re over the regular black lenses then the tinted lenses are your go to. Before I was gifted this pair (Thank you, Wumi!) I don’t think I owned a pair of tinted sunglasses and I must say, I’m so in love with this.

I have actually being seeing a lot of tinted sunnies over the gram, but they are mostly aviator.


I’m not so much of a vintage person but lately, something has been pushing me towards loving some vintage accessories.

I was going through Pinterest and I came across some vintage accessories I really liked. One of them is actually similar to the pair in the picture which is why I actually got it.

I’m sure most of you either own or have been seeing this pair of sunglasses all over your socials. That’s because they are really cool. Because of this pair, I promised myself to start hunting down statement sunglasses.

Apart from the fact that they make good flatlay pieces, I’ve noticed they also. Make great home decor.

Eyewear pieces with clear lenses are quite important for days when the sun isn’t out but you have to complement your outfit with an eye wear.

If you don’t like the ones with regular frames, you can opt for the ones with statement frames like the metallic gold frame above.

Adding a pop of colour with accessories is important but sometimes, you also need something colourless like the mirror sunnies with transparent crystal frames. The unique thing about the drama is that sun rays move around them thereby giving crystal like characters which is super cool.

That’s it for this post guys. What do you think about this post? What’s you favorite pair of eyewear? What other kind of eyewear do you think people should have? Let me know in the comment section. Thank you for reading!


18 thoughts on “6 EYEWEAR PIECES TO TRY

  1. I think it’s quite obv that I’m a sunglasses person so that’s why I couldn’t resist starting my business selling them. I loveeee them and it just makes the outfit have a different look. They are a must and you should buy from me soon *winks*


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