Paris is one of the places I’d love to visit. Apart from the beauty of course, I’d love to experience their fashion culture and also their food. I’d like to say I’ve experienced part of it through some of my favorite bloggers, their instastories and other platforms but I’d really love to have the full experience. The feels.

The French people love details and really take details into consideration when it comes to everything. I mean, you’d hardly see French things these days without something that is their signature.

Growing up, I have always been a lover of the French and their customs. Hence, pulling off their signature beret look wasn’t a hassle for me with the help of my dear friend, Benny. I went with a Graphic white T-Shirt and a pair of raw hems black denim pants which is probably the most favorite thing in my wardrobe now.

I decided to add a obvious details with the Beret, the scarf and of course the accessories.


T-Shirt – New Look Men (Thrifted)

Denim Pants – Armani Jeans

Shoes – Nineteenth Shoes (Nigerian brand @nineteenthshoes on IG)

Scarf – Odds and Cool (@oddsandcool)

Nivarna Sunnies – Ali express

Rings and Anchor bracelet – Ali express

Wrist watch – Chroma

Do you think i pulled it off? Please let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading! Till Next Time.


30 thoughts on “WITH LOVE FROM PARIS

  1. Pulled it off! I need to know how to wear my beret like this! Please, I need your sunnies. TBH, there’s nothing on your outfit (shoes inclusive) that I don’t see myself wearing……


  2. This is a look!!!! Love it), love everything bout it and how you paid attention to details.
    Took a basic look and made it very stylish.
    So french!! c’est parfait


  3. I’d love to visit Paris mostly because of the food #foodie. I’d always love to take tons of pictures and form big girl that can travel to Europe. As for the outfit you definitely nailed the Parisian vibe especially with that scarf and glasses. I’d definitely rock this look.
    Princess Audu


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