As fashion inclined people, we go through the process of mixing and matching clothing pieces. We wake up in the morning go through our wardrobe  to figure out what to wear for the day. Some of us find the process easy while the others, not so easy. The way we try to match clothing pieces is the same way we try to find our signature scents or scents that are right for our individualities. In today’s post,  I’ll be giving you some tips for finding the right scent(s).


Yes, Season. If there’s something I’ve noticed it is that the smell of your favorite season activates your sense of smell. For me, it is the smell of rain falling on fresh grass. Seasons evoke strong scent memories. Like I read somewhere, Your fragrance preferences are also strongly tied to the memories you attach to certain scents.


Switching your scent doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost touch of your signature scent. It just means you want to try something else. From what I’ve gathered, it’s advisable to switch up your scent every season because the skin’s reaction ( not allergic but how it smells, how long it stays, etc) to perfumes changes with the season.


Ever wondered what the ‘eau de’ mention on the perfume bottle means? It basically just describes the concentration of the perfume. There is a difference in concentration between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum. The latter is more concentrated than the former. So,  if you have a very sensitive nose like me, stay away from the eau de parfum bottle.


By self expression I mean personality. Personality can be associated with what ever scent you choose. Your fragrance should express who you are. It should give little tells about your personality and style.

You don’t have to be so straightforward with it though. You can work it to give a false perception of your personality or balance your personality.


Because of their concentrations, eau de toilette develops faster than eau de parfum. If you want to decide which to go for, spritz a little on your wrist and put your other wrist on it to transfer some to it. Mind you do not rub it, it slows down the development. This also applies to using perfumes. Spritz some on places you can feel your pulse. The theory is that there’s more heat there and heat help in the development of the scent and help it last longer.


Think of scents as chemicals in a lab. A can mix with B to give a positive reaction  while the same A can mix with C to give not so much of a positive reaction. That’s the same way scents work on the skin. Because a scent smells well on someone doesn’t mean it would smell as well on you. It’s safer to sample it before deciding.

In summary, choose something that fits your fancy! Love it? Get it.

I hope these tips were explanatory and I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comment section. Till next time!


29 thoughts on “KNOW YOUR SCENT

  1. Well this was very hepful,mostly i go with personality. I love dressing to my satisfaction,different from others. Mostly what i feel good in.


  2. Wow, learnt so much. Who would have known all this. Funny enough I don’t take all this into consideration. Thanks for sharing Collins. There’s a new post on my blog you should check it out too


    • Heat spreads the scent more and also makes it last longer. I mostly use unisex perfumes but when I want to try the masculine one, I always go for the less concentrated one because the goal is to smell nice not over saturated. Feminine scents are really nice. There was a time I was mixing Feminine and masculine scents. The result was really awesome.

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  3. Oh, the thing about feminine scents is they seldom stay on as long but masculine scents choke me most of the time. I’d have to try this mixing and see how it long it lasts….


  4. Great post. A lot of people don’t consider the things you’ve mentioned when buying a perfume.
    I’m more of a body spray deodorant kind of girl tho. I use perfumes for special occasions.
    I usually advice people to get a very good deodorant so that they don’t stink. Perfume don’t kill bad odour, it makes it worst.
    Once again great post

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  5. My love for perfumes and fragrance mist is very strong and I always love to switch it up. Generally I love male perfumes cause I feel female perfumes are a bit too light and soft for me. I’ll stick to the mists for that lightness. I hate cheap perfume ah.


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