Hey guys! How are you doing and how was your week? I hope it was great and less stressful unlike mine. I can swear that this school is out to get me but I know I’ll survive.

You know in movies, especially the high school and college based ones with teens and young adults, there are usually different groups of people. The ones I usually keep an eye on are the really fashionable ones a.k.a the cool kids. When I was little, well not so little but you get the gist, I envied them, their super cool clothes, shoes, how they talk, their cliques and all those and I tried to embrace it, their style I mean. I can say I’ve done a good job in doing so and also incorporating my style into it.

In this post, I’ll be giving a few tips I gathered over the years on being a Fashion Cool Kid.

Shall we;


This may sound cliche but clothes really matter. Most people only consider the beauty of a clothing piece and leave out other important factors like how good it is for the body size, complexion, etc all these really matter. The true beauty of a clothing piece comes out only when it suits you. So, get cool clothes and also consider the other important factors.


Apart from being able to get clothes that look good on you, you should also learn/be able to work with colours and patterns. Sometimes I see mix the wrong patterns,  some the wrong colours. This may not seem like a big deal but trust me, it is. It goes a long way in looking ‘fly’. The Colour wheel helps with colours just in case.


On behalf of other earthly beings, we are tired of seeing weird footwears. I know shoes are expensive especially in this part of the continent, that’s why the Lord gave us Thrift stores (Thank you Lord). Trust me when I say you can get the coolest things there and when you look just in the right place, you may find gold. Invest in cool footwears and make sure they are the kinds that are versatile. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should break your bank account, no. You could gift yourself something monthly, bi-monthly, etc. If you don’t make yourself happy, who will?


Most people don’t know how important accessories. They can take your look from 0-100 in some instances. The perfect sunglasses, wristwatch, wrist accessory, rings, neck piece can elevate your outfit. Invest in good and super cool accessories. I personally have a collection of sunglasses and rings. That’s my obsession and I’m proud of it.


Yes, you read that right. Eat right. If you don’t, how else would you maintain that body that frames every clothing piece perfectly? I’m lazy when it comes to exercises and I eat a lot of junk but usually make up for it one way or another because I don’t want to be fatter than I already am. No, I’m not body shaming. I’m simply just saying I’d love to see a shirt I like and actually buy it without worrying about my tummy shooting out of it or seeing a pair of sunshades I like and not be able to buy it because of my cheeks.

This is also as important as every other thing listed above. When you put on your complete outfit ready to blow minds and all,  you’ll like to top it off with a good posture and (not to sound cliche) confidence. In the words of someone who I can’t remember at the moment “make the road your runway”. Strut with confidence and don’t care about whoever is staring. Chances are they are most likely envying you.

There you have it guys. My golden tips to being a Fashion Cool Kid. I hope these tips will be helpful to both you and your wardrobe. Till next time!


Dungaree – Asos (Thrifted)

Pullover Hoodie – Champion

Sneakers – New Balance

Sunglasses – Street Vendor

Cap – Thrifted



  1. You one cool kid i tell ya 🙌 saw d picture on IG nd i couldn’t wait to come read. D whole ensemble screams cool kid lol, i love dungarees they’re so cool they’re cool kid must-have actually, nd getting patterns nd colours ryt can’t be overemphasized, lyk it’s ok to buy all d nicest clothes but if u don’t don’t know how to mix md match well I’d shut up der.


  2. I love sneakers, and so I am admiring your shoes well well! Saw some I wanted the other day, same brand! Thrifting is truly life, now I’m wishing I wasn’t so broke so I’d be down at the shops rummaging through racks and racks of clothing! I’m not a cool kid though, I just want to look good while feeling comfortable (major key).

    A nice post, and I like the editing as you pick the colours that stand out


    • We definitely do have our love for sneakers in common. Being broke is so annoying. Usually comes when you find really good things to buy. I second that, comfortability is major key. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this outfit Collins, especially the cool kid vibes but the whole time reading this post I kept wondering, weren’t you dying of heat though because I’m sure the sun was shinning, I can see it’s reflection. Seriously though but you do look cool. Great tips too, when it cones to clothes its important to understand your body size and then dress for it. As for shoes, they can make or break your outfit. Loving the improved photography by the way.

    Princess Audu 


    • Thank you so much, Sarah! Thank you for approving the tips too. Lucky for me, I wasn’t feeling hot. The sun came after the rain so everywhere was still cool.


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