Hey guys! How are you doing and how was your week? Hope it was wonderful unlike mine which was blehh. Thank you for all the love and kind feedbacks on my previous post. I appreciate it. 

On the aforementioned previous post, I talked about layering and gave tips on it. If you haven’t read it, you should. You might pick up a thing or two from it. In that post I layered with a denim jacket to give the pinstripes pants and tee shirt extra form. For this post, I’m taking things up a notch and switching things up to give an urban look.

What am I wearing?

I wanted an urban look so I went with lots of details.

I am wearing a white tee shirt with a super cool print on it which was a gift from a friend who apparently knows my taste. (I have the coolest friends).

For the bottom, I chose this pair ripped denim pants with frayed hems (ripped and frayed by yours truly) to add more details to the whole look. Apart from the details, I love that it gave off this cool kid vibe.

To give the outfit more form and volume, I wore this Reebok bomber jacket over the tee shirt. It really complemented not just the pants but the entire outfit. Also, it had just the right fit on me which was really cool because having clothing pieces in the right fit is just gold. It made me look like a member of a biker gang only that it’s not a black leather jacket. LOL.

I went for this pair of black leather double monk straps from Nineteenth Shoes (@nineteenthshoes) instead of the regular sneakers or loafers because apart from them looking real good with the outfit, they complement everything perfectly.

Accessorizing wasn’t hard once I figured out I was going for an urban theme. I went a little over the minimal range. I accessorised with a pair of sunglasses, a wristwatch and two rings.

Here are some tips to upgrade your Urban Style:

• Keep it simple but not basic. What I mean is Simple doesn’t mean basic. Play with patterns, colours, prints, structures, etc.

• Casual is not bland or boring. Get that off your mind.

• Invest in super cool clothing pieces and footwears. Make sure it’s something you can style in different ways.

• Clean up well and experiment with your style. Always know when you’re overdoing it or ask for feedbacks.

There you have it guys. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope the tips will be helpful. Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comment section. What would you do different?

BTW, I’m on instagram as (@collins.haute) and twitter as (@Collins_Haute).

Till next time guys! Have a nice weekend.


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