Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I posted. I’ve really missed here so much. This platform is so part of me already and I missed you guys so much. I was on break from school so I could not really do much. Spent a few days in Lagos as well. Y’all Lagos people are trying. The traffic and the crowd really discouraged me from meeting people. Enough stories. Lets move to today’s post.

As we all know, spring or raining season as it’s called is well on its way. In fact, it has been peeking it’s head here and there. One thing I love about the season is that flowers start to Bloom and the sun after the rain makes things colourful. Also, the chill air. Asides all these, what i really love is the fashion. I get to layer so much! And this year, I’ve decided to not let my location deter me from this. People can stare all they want.

As the decade goes by, Layering evolves. We’ve seen people go from Layering with different types of jackets to Layering with Dungarees, Tee shirts, sweaters, even male tank tops and look super good. The ladies are not left behind either. They have taken Layering to another level with pieces like slip dresses, sleeveless cropped tops, the popular Yoruba Buba, etc. This season, I hope to try different kinds of Layering and let you guys in on it.

For this look, I went with just one outer layer which is this Denim jacket. One tip to consider when Layering is that your look should not look compromising or off when the outer layer is taken off. That was what I considered when planning this look.

What better way to layer if not with bright colours. I went with this white tee shirt with light green inscription because inscription Tees are cool and also, I have a thing for white.

I didn’t want to go with plain pants so I opted for this pair of pin strips pants which I really love! I brightened things up further with this pair of white sneakers.

I accessorised with silver rings, black leather anchor bracelet, wristwatch, a hat and this round sunnies.

Before I end this post, I’d like to give you other Layering tips.

• Layer from thin to thick to stay comfortable and avoid unbalanced looks.

• When Layering different colours make sure they don’t clash. Get the help of the colour wheel

• Patterns could be as tricky as colours so be careful.

• You could also layer sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, trench coats

• Layer appropriately for where you’re going.

On that note, always have in mind that Layering isn’t complicated. Just a few tips and tricks here and there and you’re good to go.

Thank you for reading guys! I appreciate it. I hope these tips will be helpful. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section. Till next time!


22 thoughts on “A CHANGE IN SEASONS

  1. Welcome back Collins, I love these pictures, credits to Benny, it actually shows that a fashion blogger took these, I mean with all these dope detailed shots. Also love the idea of layering with a denim jacket, I need to get one for myself. The hat adds a nice touch as well.
    Princess Audu 


  2. Fr this is my go-to layering look, Denim Shirt +Tee and yes Pants. So you came to Lagos and didn’t announce? We forgive you sha, hoping u come around another time I don’t mind doing a collab or two 😉


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