Hey guys! How are you all doing? Something is in the air and it’s definitely not valentine’s day love. I for one would be spending my valentine’s day studying as my exams start next week.  I initially didn’t want to do a valentine’s day post but seeing as I wouldn’t be able to post till a while after exam, why not just post now. 

If most guys are like me and don’t really fancy the suit and tie on V-day, you definitely should go casual. All I’m saying is you don’t need no suit to look/be romantic.

For this look, I went basic with little side attractions. I’m wearing a white ‘button down’ shirt with a geometric aso oke design in the centre courtesy of BADA (@bada_official) and a pair of black denim pants.

My best part about this outfit is this really beautiful black bomber jacket with yellow embroidery by BADA also. It gave this look a total makeover. That’s one of the benefits of details. They spice up an outfit.

There are a bunch of footwears that go with this look. I went with this pair of black Adidas for a little athleisure infusion.

I went low on the accessories. I accessorised with just this really cool pair of mirror shades with transparent frame which is just about the only accessory I need.

There you have it guys. Your dose of valentine inspiration. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

P.S: It’s not too late to get yourself, your partner or your friend a piece from BADA collection.

Thank you guys for reading. I really appreciate it. Till next time!


24 thoughts on “CASUAL VALENTINE. 

  1. Bad, baddo, baddest. It totally deviates from the usual tie and jacket thing. This is good. I love. Meanwhile have you seen my latest post,you should good luck in your


  2. Ah Ah Collins no bae for Vals? Lol it’s not like I did anything glamorous but you know I had to ask. The bomber jacket is dope, I’d love to rock that over a pencil dress. I love the mix of patterns on the shirt and jacket. I think I would have preferred this look with some nice lace-up shoes or brogues. Cool outfit all the same though.
    Princess Audu


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