Hey guys! Let me start this post by saying God works in mysterious ways. I received some good news which i wasn’t expecting some minutes ago (I was expecting the opposite actually). Wheeww!

How are you guys doing and how has January been so far? Glad it’s the last day. Is it me or did January seem never ending? This past week has been filled with making so many decisions for me, from school to personal life to blogging. If you noticed, I deleted my instagram pictures  (@collins.haute) as per fresh start (attractive feed and all) and I’m really happy I did. Cheers to starting over .🍻

To today’s look. For this look I’m channeling the starter boy side of me in this super comfy sweatshirt by BADA. BADA is a Nigerian fashion brand that targets the everyday teen and youth with their every blazing pieces. You might be wondering why the name sounds familiar. That’s because I worked together with the brand in this post.

For someone who hasn’t particularly styled a sweatshirt before, putting together this look was easy once I had my theme in mind. The colours of the sweatshirt made the decision easy. Going neutral was my theme of course. I decided to go with this  black pair of denim pants because the shade of black blended perfectly with that of the sweatshirt.

Selecting the shoes to wear was even easier. I could have gone with a pair or black skater shoes or sneakers but I decided to go with this pair of burgundy skater shoes to add a little colour to the look, you know, that little colour in the black and white world. The pair of socks were inspired by a movie I saw recently; Back to the future (I’m one of those people who watch movies for the style pickups amongst other reasons. That’s why I love Korean movies actually). I’m glad it made the ensemble look extra nice.

For an athleisure look, you could switch the denim pants with a pair of jogger pants and sneakers. For a semi formal look or business casual look (depending on the neckline level and thickness of the material), the sweatshirt could be used as a form of layer under a blazer jacket.

There you have it guys. I hope the few style tips were helpful and I hope you enjoyed the post.

For those of you who are interested in the sweatshirt, you can contact the official instagram page of  BADA (@bada_official).

These awesome pictures were taken by Benny (@bennymakachi), the Badass photographer.

Thank you guys for reading. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Till next time. Peace.


26 thoughts on “OWN YOUR NEUTRALS.

  1. Sha be slaying left, right nd centre. Love d sweatshirt most especially cos of d white nd black mix, korean muvees are d best when it comes to style inspiration plus they usually v fyn men too lol.


  2. I like your “in the air” picture , benny your indeed badass. Yeah January was so slow, I’m so happy it comes to an end today 💃🏼💃🏼. I love this sweats, I think it has to do with the shade #blackNwhite. I’d style it with jeans tho, I’m more of casualstyle inclined.


  3. Collins for the gyal dem ✋. January was really never ending ooo I’m so glad it’s 32 of 365 already 😁. I loved this look immediately I saw it on IG and still loving it thought the sneakers were red I supposed the edit made it look that way. Benny is truly a bad ass ah mean see how she captured that jump. A big AMEN to fresh starts. Have a FAB week fam ✋


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