Hey guys! I know this is long over due but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you guys for sticking with me through 2016. I know I don’t appreciate y’all enough. I appreciate it and promise a lit 2017. As a token of my appreciation, there’s a giveaway at the end of this post. Just keep reading.

This is probably my first weekend casual post. It’s part of my ‘New year resolution’ to be versatile with my style. So, weekends in this part of the world are known as the time for ‘OWAMBE’, hangout with friends, running personal errands, etc. Apart from the owambe where you’d get to dress up looking all good in your traditional attires, you’d want to be comfortable but yet stylish.

Dungarees are one of the most comfortable clothing pieces, no argument there. I’d say it’s a wardrobe staple but it’s quite difficult to get here in Nigeria. I know how long it took me to find this one (I’d given up on the search for it already). Something about the dungaree is that it could be styled in different ways; without an under layer for a risqué look (not advisable for the ladies), with a ‘button down’ shirt (long-sleeved or short-sleeved), with a Tee shirt like I did.

At some point you could decide to unhook one of the grips or both. No offence there. It’s still part of the style movement.

The best footwear to go with a dungaree is a pair of sneakers because it gives it that sense of completeness and also gives off a cool kid vibe. You could decide to go with sandals also (something minimal but really cool).

I levelled down on the accessories because this bag! It’s like the only accessory I need. The Ankara fabric used in making it and the detailed perfection. I got the bag courtesy of Incredible Designz  (@incredibledesignz) on instagram. Apart from making bags, the brand also makes purses, notepads, you name it. Best part is their products are really affordable. Not the affordable people claim now on. I mean genuinely affordable.

There you have it guys! Something for the weekend. Hope you enjoyed this post. Your comments are always appreciated as usual. And please, do share with your friends.

These amazing pictures were taken by Benny (@bennymakachi).

Now to the part you’ve been waiting for, the giveaway!

I’ll be giving out this bag and Notepad to one lucky person courtesy of Incredible Designz. The rules are simple;

1. Follow @collins.haute and @incredibledesignz on instagram.

2. Post the image above on Instagram with the hashtag #TheStreetHauteXIncredibledesignz

3. Tag @collins.haute and @incredibledesignz

4. Fingers crossed.

NB: The giveaway is open to people in Ilorin, Ibadan and Lagos. Sorry if you’re not in the locations. I’m trying to understand how this courier service thing works.


32 thoughts on “WEEKEND CASUAL x GIVEAWAY!

  1. Happy new year collins. I’ve bin trying to get dungarees too but i gave up a long tym ago, maybe I’d get lucky too. I love d look nd yes dat ankara bag z giving d whole look extra spice.


  2. Happy new year Collins. Yassss giveaway, me I want bag let me run to Instagram and follow the rules. You should try yaba market in Lagos for dungarees tho I see mostly females type. I love the dungaree look more with a tee shirt as the under layer and true sneakers just gives the “cool kids” vibe more to minimal slips. Cheers to a wonderful new year ahead


  3. Dungarees is like the ultimate cool kid denim outfit hehehe. If you know what I mean and yeah, a good pair of sneakers completes the look well. I love the bag by the way, I totally pray I win as school is resuming soon. Fingers crossed 🙅


  4. Give away the dungaree too please😄. I’ve gone through hell searching for it to no avail😩. Awesome post btw, i’m loving the stylish simplicity 👌


  5. The Dungarees Style is super lit bruh, best believe it, I want to have one tailored for me, with the pockets looking squared like the back pockets


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