Collaboration || Black, Black and a Little Colour.

Hey guys. How are you all doing? Hope you all are doing great. I’m super excited about Christmas being around the corner even though it doesn’t seem like it in this part of the country. And I’m also just in a blehh mood because tests have just been popping up. I mean when did school resume? No chill at all.

I haven’t done a collaboration in a while. In fact, I have done just one. Read it here if you missed it. It was with Bolu of Pribodunke. So when Mubarak suggested a collaboration, I couldn’t resist, hence this post. Settling on a theme was easy as we both agreed on all black with a pop of colour.

I chose to go with a long sleeve ‘button down shirt’ tucked into a black Chinos pants and a pair of black sneakers for a Casj look.

For the pop of colour, I decided to go with this light wash pink denim shirt I got from (@oddsandcool). I went with this colour because it’s bright and provides the perfect pop.

For accessories, I went with this gold lapel pin  and 2 rings; a black one and a silver one and a pair of mirror sunshades.

Mubarak on the other hand went with a long sleeve Tee shirt, black pants and a pair of black derby shoes. For the colour pop, he wore a blue denim kimono which I’m definitely eying (plan to steal it is progress).

He accessorised with a ring, a pair of round clear frames,  bracelet and a face cap. You can check his blog for his side of this collaboration and also more of his style.

There you have it. A little bit of colour for the soul. These pictures are a courtesy of Tomiwa  (@blackboytom).

P.S: I’m also on instagram (@collins.haute) and twitter (@C_Badewa)

What’s your take on this look? Please let me know your thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading. Till next time.


31 thoughts on “Collaboration || Black, Black and a Little Colour.

  1. I’ve plans too to steal his kimono. Super cute. Love the theme you guys went with. Pop of colour is everything. Me I’m not feeling the Christmas at all 😧😧


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