Hey guys!  How are you doing? It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve missed here so much. Who else is super excited that 2016 is coming to an end and also Christmas?! The Christmas period is usually my favorite time of the year because of all the festivities and how happy people usually are. At least that was before the present economy recession. 

     It’s that time of the year where everyone tries to cozy up. Harmattan is here. Not fully but here. Waking up to the cold dry weather which makes you miss the rainy days, a lot of skin treatments and all sorts. Harmattan is definitely my least favorite season but it has it’s upside. Harmattan style is one of the coolest because of the varieties of jackets, scarves and what not you get to wear. 

Today’s post is inspired by the weather and when I was putting the clothing pieces together, I just knew it was the perfect time for it.

I’m wearing a white T-shirt with green details on it which I got from Odds and Cool and a pair of denim pants. Denim pants are important essentials for harmattan because of the thickness and it’s ability to retain warmth which is why you should stock your wardrobe with lots of it. I decided to make the denim a high-waist one to give it more form and also to complement the T-shirt.

To not make the look so basic and also to give it that harmattan feature, I went with this super cool bomber jacket I also got from Odds and Cool (@oddsandcool on instagram). What attracted me the most to the jacket was the colour. I just couldn’t resist it because I’ve actually been looking for something olive or close to Olive to add to my collection.

And also the convenient fold at the bottom of the jacket which is not tight.

For shoes,  I went with this burgundy Tomy Takkies for contrast. This pair is so comfy. I could sleep all day in them. You must have seen me dancing in them on my instastory (@Collins.haute | are you following me yet?).

I ditched the belt and went for this Ankara strip which I’m totally loving by the way. It gave the look a little bit of pattern.

I decided to go with just this white facecap and the sunglasses because minimal accessorizing was just perfect for this look. You could decide to ditch the facecap and go with a beanie (headwarmer) which would look as good as well.

And also, if you’re feeling warm enough and do not need the jacket, it’s still real good without the jacket. Especially those days with the really cold mornings and the hot afternoons.

Shooting this look was sooo fun because I got to do it with one of the coolest people I know,  Benny. We had so much fun which you must have seen on our social media accounts. She takes really awesome pictures as well.

      There you have it, guys. One of the million ways to cozy up this season. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. I really do enjoy reading your comments. And please, do share.

Till next time,



26 thoughts on “COZY SEASON. 

  1. Therez something about the shoes that scream kuyet,you know I’ve been all round thrift shops looking for an olive bomber jacket but I’ve failed,seeing how you styled this makes me only jealous.great job colliins


  2. Very cool street style look and befitting for the current weather too. love the pop of colour from the sneakers and plaid lining in the bomber jacket.My question though, didn’t you feel hot halfway through the day.
     Princess Audu 


  3. I love the harmattan actually, the briskness and all, and the fact that you get to wear jackets, love the styling man, those pants!!!!! Odds and Cool seems very… cool, loving their pieces


  4. I’m equally excited about Christmas too, it’s d best tym of d year.
    I love the way u took tym to explain ur outfit post 👌 nd dat jacket z d bomb, saw ur insta stories along with Benny, cool sumfin 😉 love d shirt most especially cos of d graphic on it nd dose shoes are really stylish too.


  5. It is still very hot here in Lagos. I love haemattan season because I get to wear my jackets but the weather here is depriving me of that joy.
    I loveeeeee your the whole outfit and most definitely your choice of styling. Your jacket is calling me. Can i send my mailing address?
    P.S- The purfect Christmas present.
    My Style Look Book Series


    • 😂😂😂 Praise, stop cracking me up. Thank you so much dear. Don’t worry, I’m due time the cold will come. I was praying for this one to come so I will be able to wear my jackets. Now I regret the cold.


  6. Really nice post Collins, the Ankara strip is giving me life , like I’m so in love with the fact that it’s popping on its own at the end . Great look Fam . I can’t wait for harmattan to come through here in Lagos 🙄


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