Tales of The Dark Indian.

      Hey Guys! Happy New month. Yhh, I know I’m a little late on the New Month train but hey, better late than Never right?  School has resumed and has started taking it’s tow on me. Oh well. I’ll survive.

You might be wondering, ‘what’s up with this guy and weird titles? ‘. You are not alone on that train. I keep asking myself that question. I’m probably just that weird. Today’s title like the others has something to do with this post actually and I’ll be discussing about it as the post goes on.

For this look I went almost all Traditional but not African traditional. I decided to mix African with South Asian. I am wearing a Kurta. A Kurta is an upper garment worn traditionally by the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I actually got this sewn about 2 years ago after seeing it in an old magazine I found at home.

Putting this look together was actually quite easy because I always had it in mind to go all black with the Kurta and add a little pop of colour. For the bottom,  I’m wearing a pair of black chinos pants. What better way to add a pop of colour than our very own African print which I made into a Tote bag.


For the feet,  I’m  Wearing a pair of Tassel Loafers which are super comfy by the way.

And for accessories, I settled for minimal and went with this really cool sunnies I got from Ali express.

So, there you have it guys. If you want to go traditional and want to give African prints a break, you should go for the Kurta. It’s a really cool piece to have in your wardrobe. And for the ladies, yes,  you can also include the Kurta in your wardrobe.

Thank you so much for reading guys! I appreciate it. And please do share and comment.

P.S: I am also using this forum to introduce to you my Tote bag line which will be launching soon. If you like the tote bag in this post, you’d definitely love what I have In store.

P.S.S: If you’re not following me on IG, please do. (@collins.haute). I’m on snapchat too! (Collins_sh).

Have a wonderful November! And don’t mind my goofyness.

Love and Light.


35 thoughts on “Tales of The Dark Indian.

  1. It’s black, simple and I like it.
    I sure noticed the tote bag from the beginning and kept wondering why you were not talking about it till you mentioned your tote bag launch.
    Good luck with that. I do love African accessories.
    I plan to include bags to my own line soon.
    Will love to learn more about your experience after the launch.


  2. Love the tote bag 😍 can’t wait to see d collection.Iactually v a kurta, didn’t know d name until now. Mine is a mix of blue and pink, afta much wearing, i kinda ruined it by slitting d syds, tot it wud b cool but now i rarely wear it.


  3. I love how simple and fun the pictures look, looked like you had a lot of fun shooting it.
    I love the backdrop of the pictures and congrats on the tote line, this one is definitely cute.


  4. I would finally slay with your tote bag, I can’t wait for your collection to be out for purchase. This outfit is nice, simple with minimal details πŸ‘. Tassels is on the trend wagon I see πŸŽ†


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