Hey guys! How are you guys doing and happy new month! I really don’t why I’m excited about this month. I just feel something good is going to happen this month. Before the talk on today’s post can ya’ll take minute to please follow @oddsandcool on instagram. In case you’re wondering, ย Odds & Cool is an online fashion store that sells vintage pieces and it would be launching pretty soon.



ย  ย  Have you ever woken up and immediately a thought of your OOTD pops up in your head? Well, i had that today and the result of it is this post. I really love the idea of male kimonos and the fact that they are easy to make with variety of fabrics. The kimono im wearing was actually a DIY project I did on one of my ‘jobless’ days. I never expected to love it this much.

Kimonos can be styled In different ways. With shorts and tank tops to the beach, with shear tops and pants for an edgy look, and with coporate looks like a trench coat. I decided to go with the minimal casual look by pairing it with a long sleeve ‘button down’ shirt and pin rolled Jean trousers. I balanced the look with a pair of tassle loafers.

I didn’t accessorize because i didn’t see the need to. Well, if you count the bag as an accessory, then I did.

What’s your take on guys wearing kimonos? You already know my take and would like to know yours.

These pictures were taken by Tomiwa (@blackboytom on instagram). Funny thing is I didn’t plan to shoot this look but since I got lots of complements i decided to blog about it and Tomiwa made himself available. Talk about friends that would always turn up when you need them to. Thanks G!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it and hope it wasn’t too full of irrelevant things.
P.S: I’m on instagram! (@collins.haute) and twitter (@C_Badewa).

P.S.S: Do share!



  1. Well done Collins. I commend you for putting your time to good use.
    I love the fabric of your kimono, it’s so unique and it definitely screams vintage, most especially I love how you chose not to accessorise (lol, i’m not counting the bag as an accessory). I’ll love to see more pictures of this kimono on the blog.
    Shout out to your friend/photographer, he is the realest MVP.
    My Style Look book Series


  2. Happy new month dear , that totally happens to me at odd moments and ootd just fly in. I’ve never been so happy to see DIY project going to ransack my father’s things now … this kimono shall be done.
    Really love the outfit, and the pictures with the whole scenario is amazing.
    Definitely no need for more accessories.


  3. Though it is a little late now, Happy new month. I’m expecting great things too especially since this is my birth month. And wow, never thought of guys rocking kimonos but I love how you styled this. It really transformed the basic jeans and t-shirt pairing. Love the location and editing of the pictures as well.

    Princess Audu


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