Hey guys! Long time no post eh? I’m really sorry about that. I had to go on a blogging hiatus to get my life back together. Exams really got the best of me. Thank God it’s over. While the rest of the school is on holiday, I am not. Engineering student wahala. Sometimes I just get tired of school but then again, I have the future to think about. I missed three events (NFB yard sale, NSFDW and TBP bloggers brunch) which I would have loved to be at. I guess there will be another time.

Enough ranting. Layering is something that has always facinated me because I see it as a process. It reminds me of the brick game where you stack bricks on one another, in this case, clothes. You don’t just place anything on anything, you carefully select the patterns and colours that go with one another.

In my case, I chose blue as a base colour and worked with it’s contrasts. I wanted to inbibe a little ‘afrocentricity’ Into the outfit so I went with a white lace material shirt.

I have had this attraction towards distressed denim lately. That was what triggered my choice of the pants. And guess what. It was thrifted! Who knew thrift shopping had its advantages.

What goes perfectly well with distressed denim if not sneakers? It’s so amazing how the athleisure style develops on a daily basis. New ways to look stylish and sporty.

Like I said earlier, Layering is stacking but don’t over do it. I added another shirt to the layer. One noticable thing is their lengths. They are not equal which made it more appealing.

Another tip is that you could make the sleeves of the first layer a little longer than the second so you’d roll it over the second like I did. It isn’t necessary.

I accessorised with a blue bandana which I held together with a ring. Cool right?

The Inspiration for this look was actually gotten from Kanye West whose style i adore! Which is your favourite look? Please let me know in the comment section.

These awesome pictures were taken by my bro Tomiwa (@blackboytom).

And Hey! I’m on instagram (@collins.haute) and snapchat  (@collins_sh) . Don’t forget to like the facebook page (The Street Haute Blog).

Thank you so much for reading and always keeping up with the blog! I appreciate it. Till next time.


19 thoughts on “RIPPED AND LAYERED…

  1. So glad to have you back here.You look so different and I mean that in a very good way.
    I love the way you pulled off this look so effortlessly. I love the choice of different fabrics for the layering. Too cool
    P.s- I love the ring holder thingy you did with your bandana, going to try it out.
    My Style Look Book Series


  2. Why is it all your looks I feel like wearing lol. Love this look.
    I prefer the look without the addition of the second shirt. Glasses ,sneakers , hat = bae. You know me and bandanas are best friends
    Pictures are lit.
    Good to have you back dear.


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