Fierce In BADA.


Hey Guys! Happy new month. How has the new month been? Mine has been really stressful, school wise. I mean, sometimes I just wonder who sent me to do engineering. Anyway, enough of the rant. You guys must be wondering how Ilorin Fashion week went. It went really well. Some designs were great, some were ok and some were just blehhh. Don’t let me give you spoilers. I’d do a post on it later. Sadly,  I only have pictures of what I wore on Day 3 which I’d put up later too.


Down to today’s post. You guys must be thinking, “what is BADA? “. BADA is this amazing, kinda new Nigerian fashion brand which makes awesome stuff. From jackets to joggers to cropped tops, they make it all and their prices are reasonable (#2000-#6000). You can check them out on instagram @bada_official . When the owner of the brand hit me up via email to do a review on some selected products, I was glad because I’d get to “look fierce in BADA”. For this post, the long sleeve shirt and floral print jacket are from BADA. They look really nice, right?


Putting pieces of clothings together to combine with the shirt and the jacket wasn’t so hard. I decided to go with shorts because I’ve been doing a lot of trousers lately which could be boring at times. And yes, Red! A lot of red can be spotted to eh? When you know what to mix/wear,  red could be a pretty colour. I mean, the devil sure wears prada, right?


I decided to go with a pair of faded Taupe colour shorts, red skater shoes and a drawstring bag for effect. I accessorised with a ring and a leather neck piece from a street buy.


My Ego bloomed in these pieces from BADA, to be honest. They are so creative. Best part is you can look great in just the shirt, without the jacket.



All of you that you like showing skin, the neck line of the shirt is low for the viewing pleasure of the ladies.


And for those of you who are fans of the Athleisure style, you were not left out. Included in their collection also are Sweat shirts and joggers which would be my next post. But for now, enjoy this first set and don’t forget to check their instagram for more pieces in their collection. @bada_official .


These pictures were taken by my friend, @blackboytom on instagram.
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Thank you for reading. As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section. Till next time!


28 thoughts on “Fierce In BADA.

  1. Probably cos I’ve not been here in a while but the blog looks different, you change your template ? Loving the look tho.

    The outfit is pretty dope and I love how creative your pictures are… kudos
    I definitely wouldn’t mind looking fierce in BADA good job man


    • Hiiii! School has been holding me down and exams are so close. Would do something soon dear. I’m good. Thank you for asking. It means means a lot. Hope you’re enjoying your vacay?


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