What’s The ‘TUCK’ Situation?


     Hey Guys! Happy new month × 2  considering that I didn’t post anything last month and I didnt wish you guys a happy new month too. Am I the laziest blogger or what?? I’m really sorry guys. I can’t even make promises of being consistent but I’ll try.

Also,  my exams were good but stressful. Thank you guys for wishing me well. God bless!
     To today’s post. I was back home for the break and coincidentally, my long time friend and Photographer was home on a break from his school too. I owe him big time for this Wonderful pictures. If you’re reading this Dara, Thank you! You guys should check his IG for his amazing works (@mr_dan.a). I decided to do a shoot with him. I also did a collab with my ever graceful Friend, Boluwatife (@pribodunke), a little something for the Ladies.


     You guys are probably wondering why the Title. Let me explain. I’ve been seeing the Half tuck make its way since last year at fashion shows and fashion weeks but it didn’t really get prominent last year. Well, this is a new year and I have a feeling it will go BOOM this year,  seeing that the likes of David Beckham have gone the way of the half tuck. So i thought, why not introduce the half tuck to you guys.


     The half tuck works for guys and ladies. No gender restrictions. It can be done two ways;
• Tucking in one half of the front of your shirt as seen in the picture above. Or
• Tucking in both halves of the front of your shirt as seen in the second picture.
     You can choose to go which ever direction that suits you. Either way, the back would look like this;


     For the Ladies, as promised.


      Bolu went with the Full Tuck. But she didn’t use a regular shirt. She’s wearing a sleeveless ‘button down’ blouse, a navy blue pencil skirt and a navy blue plimsoll with floral patterns. So effortless and chic! You can also decide to throw over a blazer or Jacket for the work ethics route.


     I really love what she wore. She looks super classy. See me looking from behide.


     Who can sight my neck accessories? I went the double layer bohemian route. Used two different lengths of neck pieces.


     There you have it guys! Which Tuck would you go with for a street style look?


     Hope you enjoyed today’s entry into the style Journal.
     Leave your thoughts in the comment box and Share too! I appreciate you guys for Reading.


LOCATION: Catholic Church, University of Ibadan.



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