Something Traditional, Something Modern.


Happy New Year! *dodges tomatoes,  knives, harsh words*. I’m pretty sure if there was an award for worst blogger of all time, I’d win that category.  Well, let’s blame it on school and the inability to find a photographer *sigh*. Even for this post I had to use a phone camera. Was expecting something better but I have to do with what I have. I’m sure ya’ll can notice how bad the pictures are. In time, I should be able to get my very own camera. Hopefully. I just had to post something since the month is running out so fast, plus my dear friend, Benita advised me to post something. Ya’ll should check her blog out. She’s awesome.


To today’s post. I wore this to class today. It was a rushed something but turned out pretty nice. You know how most Nigerians take Friday as a day for Traditional wears? Well I also joined that train this semester and it has been lovely. So today I decided to add something ‘me’ to the traditional outfit (if you follow me on instagram @Collins.haute , you’d know I play with twists alot). I wore a white Buba made from lace and a pair of jean trousers. Cool right? I rolled the trousers to ankle length so as to add a light colour to it and make it look like a loose hem which worked out well. Then I added something modern. A Pair of sneakers! You know, as a boss. LOL. I accessorised minimally with just 2 rings and an anchor neck piece.


You could try this look with a Danshiki too. It will still look awesome.



Ignore my jump. I’m playful like that.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope your week was great and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
P.S: sorry for the messy backdrop. Couldn’t find a nice place in this school.
P.S.S: I would really love your comments. They keep me going.
P.S.S.S: wish me luck! Exams are February.

Shot by: Joel.


12 thoughts on “Something Traditional, Something Modern.

  1. Considering I just found your blog, you won’t blame me for poly commenting, 🙈
    Everybody likes Ankara and jeans, iono if its a Nigerian sch brain thing,Thumbs up C, you’re doing good here
    But, Hey, no girly posts 😟


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