Lessons Learned from 2015.




2015 has been a year filled with ups and downs. Lost a lot of friends. Made new ones. Got betrayed. Got over it. A lot of disappointments but God had me. This is a life post about the lessons 2015 has taught me.

     I learned that believing in God can do great things and take one so far.  I mean great things and I’m a living testimony of that. There were sometimes I felt like giving up on somethings but I had faith and believed with no doubt and I got marvellous results. I’m definitely holding God closer in 2016.

     Laziness is a really bad thing and I am a very lazy type. My friends in school can testify to that. Laziness can’t get one so far. It breeds procrastination which is so bad. Work keeps Pilling up. I’m sure you guys have noticed I’m not consistent with blogging. Well it’s as a result of my laziness and procrastination. As a student with a lot of work load which I also have to mix with blogging.  Not like there’s no time but I can’t just set my priorities straight.  It’s something I’m definitely changing in 2016, hopefully.

     People. People. People. Shaking my head. This life has taught me that you can rely on just a hand full of people. People will always disappoint you. You’ll be surprised at the people who end up disappointing you and over time, you’ll get to know just a few won’t let you down. Big thank you to the people that  didn’t let me down this 2015. You’re the real MVP. Don’t let disappointments get you down, please.

     Believing in yourself has a major role to play in your success in the things you do. If you don’t believe in yourself, pardon me but you’re going nowhere. Be positive.  Be Optimistic. Smile. Be happy.

     Not everyone seems to be who they claim to be. Who knows, the people closest to you may be the ones who want to see you fall. Not even up to half of your “friends” are your “friends”. It’s better to know them lowkey-ly. No need for Bad blood. Let your success do the shouting.

     If you’re following me on instagram (if you’re not, please do;) @_cvllinx_ ) you must have seen my post on risk taking.  Nothing was every invented by just repeating.  No trend was ever set by just copying.  Sometimes the mistakes we fear are what we need. We just need to take risks. Don’t be confined to a particular thing. Step out of your comfort zone.

     I thank God I passed through 2015. It has been filled with experiences.
     Happy Holidays Guys. Some of you would have started that new year resolution thing. LOL.  For me it’s just GOALS!  And yes, 2016 will be a turn around for me in blogging,  I hope to be consistent and feed you guys with wonderful posts. It’s also going to be stressful😭, my workload. The Lord is my strength. I’m wishing you guys a wonderful 2016.
     Let me “jeje-ly” sign off with this picture.  It’s just the perfect picture for me.




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