Comfort Style This Harmattan Season.



These days, with the harmattan often associated with chills especially in the morning and extreme hotness in the afternoon, it is a bit difficult dressing appropriately for everyone.

However, everyone has to protect themselves from the excessive cold. You will not want to dress up just for the cold and later regret your outfit choice by afternoon when the heat becomes unrelenting. So to prevent your skin from cold as well as cracking and drying, it is ideal to dress appropriately to face the harsh and fluctuating weather. Here’s a list of things you should have in your wardrobe this season.



This is not compulsory for everyone, well, with the exception of the Law Students and the 8-4/9-5 clan(office workers), but it will be a plus if added to your wardrobe this season.  For regular people like students, it could be worn over a tee and a pair of Khakis, chinos or Denim trousers. It could also be worn corporately with a long sleeve shirt, a tie and a pair of formal shoes.


For the Ladies; aside wearing trousers, Skirts, and pant suits, you could wear the blazer over a dress shirt,  a top or a maxi gown.



If it was up to me, I’d make wearing cardigans at least once every week this season. LOL. Cardigans have vast designs and different ways to be worn. It could be Corporate (for the office workers and people who are required to be corporate), it could be casual and it could be minimally casual (with SWAG). Go for trendy cardigans in length of your choice.




     When it comes to shoes, covered shoes are ideal. For men, boots,  loafers, skater shoes, formal shoes, sneakers are appropriate to prevent your feet from accumulating dust and to keep them warm.
For ladies, stilettos,  sneakers, kitten heels, ankle boots, ballet flats,  Espadrilles are appropriate.  Less of flat sandals and sandal heels.






Long sleeve shirts are very vital these season.  They cover your arm and as such prevent direct contact with dry air. No one wants a white body.



It will be appropriate to wear skirts and dresses that are below the knee. Maxi skirts and dresses are very fashionable and  add variety to your wardrobe because they can be worn in different ways and style. The longer the skirt or dress, the better it helps to protect your legs as well as prevent them from being exposed to harsh weather.






We all know the Denim material is thick so wearing it makes the body resistant to cold. It is advisable to opt for denim Denim clothes in general this season because of their cold proof characteristic.

For guys and ladies who do not fancy denim trousers,  you can go for a dark coloured pant which has a two-way thing (regulation  between cold and warmth).




You should not forget your cashmere scarf or cravat to wrap around your neck if you don’t want to wear a blazer or cardigan. You can even wear the cravat or scarf with the blazer.

Also, if you don’t want to wear a blazer or cardigan on your shirt,  you could opt for a black leather jacket. When it comes to shirt whether for the office or casual outing, cotton and linen shirts are just perfect.
This is because aside preventing excessive sweating, they also keep you warm. One colour to avoid wearing all the time right now is white as it easily attracts dirt’s. Also, in or around your house or neighbourhood, you could wear head warmer, tie muffler scarf around your neck, wear gloves and socks depending on how cold you are.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thank you for Reading.  Your comments will always be appreciated.

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