The Perfect Shoes For Every Kind of Pants.


     Hi guys. Sorry for being away for a while. I’ve been busy with Some annoying bank people as my ATM card got stuck in the ATM and I have been going about how I’ll get another.
       To today’s matter. We’ve all seen creepy things on earth and one of them is seeing someone wearing the wrong shoes with the right outfit. Pants vary from joggers to jeans to chinos and shoes; from sneakers to Oxfords to boots etcetera etcetera.


     Chinos naturally bring to mind college guys, and there’s nothing wrong with giving in to those preppy vibes with a pair of loafers. The one slip-on you might stay away from is the velvet loafers (which I dislike), which, despite its casual-leaning ambitions of late, still really only looks right with trousers (But nice try, fancy pants.) When it gets really cold, you might need something sturdier. In that case, grab a pair of lace-up shoes like the skater shoes or Derby shoes or boots  to give the chinos more of a mountain-man feel.


     Joggers can look a little infantile with slip-on shoes such as espadrilles and especially loafers . It’s just too much high-low for a grown man. But you can always rely on your most futuristic sneakers (which, let’s be real, are more comfortable). On a day when you want to dress them up just slightly, desert boots fit the bill. They’re casual enough to work with the pants, but the suede will elevate your look a bit.


     Brogues or derby shoes —i.e. dress shoes with a rubber sole or sportier details on the upper—are the ticket for a pair of nicer pants that aren’t part of a full-on suit. But if you want to take them down a few notches for the weekend, wear them with minimalist sneakers, like the pair in the picture,  which will be comfortable and let the pants do the talking. When it comes to wearing
lace-up boots with trousers, please,  don’t. I’m  not giving you a hard no, but they’re tricky to get right, especially if you’re trying to tuck your pants into them. (For the record, don’t do that.)


     A proper suit warrants and deserves a proper dress shoe. Now is when you break out your shiniest oxfords or Brogues, or even a handsome wholecut style. When you want to show off your fashion enthusiast side, go for a pair of dress boots or sneakers. When it comes to the latter, avoid sportiness and technical details in favour of something clean and simple. You don’t want to look like an oldie.


     If there were an 11th commandment, it would be that sneakers will always look great with a pair of jeans. But when you want to be a bit more of a badass, swap in a serious pair of boots like the desert boot or (If you’re lucky enough to find here in Nigeria) the Chelsea boots. Jeans are built to hold up to almost any shoe in your arsenal, but still, you’ve gotta choose wisely. You can’t decide to wear oxfords and baggy together. They are definitely not a match made in heaven.
     I hope I’ve been of help to you guys.

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